Weekly Update: March 4th 2023- March 10th 2023

*Insert "This Is Fine" meme here*

Well, this week in the market was certainly something as we all find ourselves floating in a sea of red. The US Government seeming to believe everything is a security, more capital gains tax threats, global recession talks, and more are all contributing to a tough moment to weather through right now.

All that said, let's shy away from price information this week. Suffice to say, it's not great. Instead, let's keep in mind that we have been here before and we will be here after. The game plan remains to invest in what you believe in and move smart.

The team here at Sphynx Labs has remained committed to getting out more utilities and updates to the platform.

Currently, the dApp is growing ever closer to the swap upgrade and bridge 2.0. These updates are meant to make trading as easy as possible regardless of the token or where the liquidity is. The new bridge will also make moving assets even easier than before. Users of the platform can expect these upgrades as soon as testing is concluded.

Not to be outdone, the Sphynx DeFi App has also reached a major milestone this week thanks in large part to marketing campaigns and efforts by the community. We are proud to say that the app has now been downloaded over 20,000 times across both the Android and iOS platforms. Plans are being made to bring this number even higher this month as we push further for Sphynx adoption.

The biggest bombshell of the week was a surprise drop from Sphynx CEO Lonzo. Lonzo gave the community a great deal of information about Sphynx Pay, coming later this year. Lonzo and the team have managed to keep the card payment system completely decentralized so users retain full control of their funds, manageable completely from the Sphynx DeFi App. He went on to mention that many of the most common assets can be transferred and paying with Sphynx would be possible in some capacity. Lonzo's full statement can be read here: https://t.me/sphynxlabs/1260760

There is much more to come with Sphynx. Stay tuned for Sphynx’s Weekly Updates posted every boopFriday, or be informed on the Sphynx Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

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Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs

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Sphynx Labs

Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs