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3 min readJul 7, 2023


Weekly Update: July 1st- July 7th 2023

It has been another relatively good week in the crypto market, at least for the major players. Bitcoin is still holding above $30K. This is no doubt helped by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink calling Bitcoin “Digital Gold” this week. An undeniable 180 from past remarks made by him that it was “an index of money laundering.” However one feels about their involvement in the market, it is undeniable that the uptick in institutional interest is playing a role in the market.We are not yet to the point of seeing altcoins rise substantially, or a bull market, but things are more positive.

Current live standings at the time of writing this are as follows:

BTC: $30,305.77

ETH: $1,869.65
BNB :$235.52

Here at Sphynx Labs, we have been focused on more marketing with ads for the swap and crypto card. We will be adding more to our marketing campaign to push more aspects of Sphynx Labs as a whole such as onboarding some select brand ambassadors.

Our thought process is to bring more people into the Sphynx fold for the different things we offer. Everyone doesn't need everything we offer, but everyone can benefit from something we offer.

The main development for the last few weeks has also been getting the Sphynx Pay API ready to roll out. The API is a turn-key solution to give web2 web businesses a way into the future of web3 and crypto payments. You can actually see this API in action, and get some sweet Sphynx merch on our new merch website SphynxMerch.com.

A full statement from Lonzo in regards to the API and merch store can be found here: https://t.me/sphynxlabs/1441457

This is another aspect of Sphynx Pay as a whole ready to go. We aren’t done though, as we have many more things in the pipeline for Sphynx Pay and Sphynx in general.

⁃ More Sphynx Merch

⁃ Sphynx API (Phase 1, P2P payment)

⁃ Sphynx Physical Crypto Card

⁃ Sphynx API (Phase 2, Multi Asset P2P payment)

⁃ Any Token Bridge (Launch with 6 chains)

⁃ Bitcoin Light Network Integration

⁃ Sphynx API (Phase 3, Multi Chain P2P payment)

⁃ CEX Listing(s)

⁃ Wallet Extension Release

⁃ Any Token Bridge (2 more chains integrated)

⁃ ETH/ARB Hyper Pool

⁃ In Store Sphynx Pay release

As we always say, good things take time. We are working to make sure everything we do is made well and released at the right time. We are very excited to get to everything on our list, and we are sure you guys are excited to see it.

Thank you to everyone that believes in Sphynx Labs and the team. We are rolling forward full steam with things no one else is even trying. Once the world knows of us, there is no stopping the train.

Stay tuned for Sphynx’s Weekly Updates posted every Friday, or be informed on the Sphynx Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

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