Weekly Update: February 18th 2023- February 24th 2023

Another interesting week has passed for crypto and the market shows it. Bitcoin could not quite make it over the $25k line of resistance yet, but did just kiss the sky before falling from grace down to $23k again this week. That line however seems to be holding well which is all we can ask for. Ethereum is doing its thing still and holding steady at $1.6k. It did follow the leader for a bit to over $1.7k as well. Lastly, BNB is hovering around $301 at the time of writing this, down from almost $320 this week. General sentiment seems to be favorable for a bull run sooner rather than later, fueled even more by Hong Kong reportedly being given the greenlight to become a crypto hub by the Chinese Government. Time will tell.

Sphynx Labs has had quite a week this week with both Sphynx BSC and Sphynx CRO seeing large buys in recent days. Sphynx CRO in particular is still up over 1900% over launch price for almost a year now.

The most amazing news of the week, however, was the reveal of the long awaited Sphynx Labs and OKX Chain collaboration. Months in the making, and now live on both the Sphynx dApp and Sphynx DeFi App, users of the OKX Chain can now swap, chart, bridge, enter pools, and more from one secure location. The SphynxPad is also the preferred launchpad for projects launching on OKC and will get mentions from the OKC team. Further collaboration such as a Twitter Space and guest article on the OKX Medium is coming soon.

Sphynx Labs CEO Lonzo also dropped a few bombs to the community on Friday as well. First, the entire DEX is getting a facelift with brand new functionality to trade any token from any DEX on whatever chain you are on. This is different from the current system of having to choose between Sphynx LP or one other major DEX on each chain. Even more amazing still, Sphynx investors learned of the Sphynx Bridge V2. This new bridge will make it possible to trade across chains. Lonzo gave the example of directly swapping BNB on BSC for ETH on the Ethereum chain without the need to convert to USDC or another stable first.

Lonzo also announced to the community that he would like to start a more raw and unfiltered podcast speaking about issues in the DeFi and crypto space in general.

Lastly, the Aegis NFT giveaway on Gleam has been extended to March,10th, and the 3,000,000 token giveaway is still live as well.

Enter here: https://gleam.io/QcNNq/sphynx-labs-3000000-token-giveaway


There is much more to come with Sphynx. Stay tuned for Sphynx’s Weekly Updates posted every Friday, or be informed on the Sphynx Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
Thank you for reading, and have a great week!
Sphynx Labs Links
Aegis Sphynx Mint: https://thesphynx.co/council/56
Website: https://sphynxlabs.co
Telegram: https://t.me/sphynxlabs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SphynxLabs
Sphynx Mobile App on Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/sphynx-defi-app/id1626361848
Sphynx Mobile App on Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sphynx

Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs

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Sphynx Labs

Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs