Weekly Update: February 10th 2023- February 17th 2023

It would seem that much of the fear in the market last week over the SEC intentions to ban staking in America. The overall calm is almost uncharacteristic of the crypto market. Especially given that Paxos was ordered to stop minting BUSD by the SEC due to it being "an unregistered security." How a stable coin with no expectation of profit is a security is a question for everyone aside from the SEC it would seem.

Bitcoin has actually benefited from this recent news being that it has no centralized aspect to it. In fact, BTC touched $25k this week and currently around $24.5k at the time of this writing. ETH is also up and holding over $1.7k steadily. Lastly, in spite of all the FUD Binance has faced with BUSD, BNB is holding over $300 dollars right now as well.

No rest for the wicked at Sphynx this week either and investors say the addition of another chain on the 14th, one day ahead of schedule. Sphynx now fully supports Optimism, a layer-2 solution for ETH. Users can engage with the chain in all the ways they have come to love with the other 12 chains Sphynx has incorporated.

Ethereum was also added to the Sphynx NFT Marketplace in a surprise update as well joining support for CRO, BSC, LOOP, APEX, and BRISE. Sphynx will be incorporating all chains the dAPP and app supports in short order at the current pace. You can check out the Sphynx NFT Marketplace here: https://sphynxmarketplace.co/

New this week as well is another Gleam giveaway! This time 300 people will win 10,000 Sphynx Tokens each. Entering is simply a matter of downloading the Sphynx DeFi Application and supplying your crypto wallet address.

Enter here: https://gleam.io/QcNNq/sphynx-labs-3000000-token-giveaway

The Aegis Sphynx NFT giveaway is also still going for another week.

1 BSC Scion NFT
$100 (BSC) Bridge Stable LP (USDT)
1 Aegis NFT
50,000 Sphynx BSC Tokens

1 CRO Scion NFT
$100 (CRO) Bridge Stable LP (USDT)
1 Aegis NFT
50,000 Sphynx CRO Tokens

Sphynx Ultimate Believer Bundle
Mint 20 Aegis Sphynx NFTs and Receive:
Genesis Sphynx NFT
$500 Bridge LP (USDT)
100,000 Sphynx Tokens
Aegis Sphynx NFT

Full information can be found at the Gleam link here: https://gleam.io/competitions/cXA5h-sphynx-aegis-giveaway

There is much more to come with Sphynx. Stay tuned for Sphynx’s Weekly Updates posted every Friday, or be informed on the Sphynx Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
Thank you for reading, and have a great week!
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Website: https://sphynxlabs.co
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Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs

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Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs