Sphynx Labs Releases Aegis Sphynx NFT Collection

Sphynx Labs, the all-in-one DeFi platform juggernaut, has released another NFT collection chocked full of utility.

Sphynx Labs has been growing steadily for little over a year now into a formidable name in the decentralized crypto space. During that time, they have released 6 different NFT collections that are now entirely minted out.

All of the Sphynx NFTs so far have offered up hefty utility to investors, from crypto bridge fees, to native chain token earning pools and exclusive early access to presales on the Sphynx token launchpad. Now, the Aegis Sphynx collection is here to offer the ultimate in Sphynx Labs utility.

The Aegis Sphynx Collection will play a large role in the upcoming Sphynx Chain Blockchain. Acting at the final multiplier, the Aegis NFTs will empower the upcoming Sphynx Hyper Pools to their maximum level when users hold and stake three at a time. These NFTs are also truly universal with the ability to plug into any chain users wish to earn tokens from. More information on the world’s first Hyper Pools from Sphynx Labs is coming soon.

In addition to the Hyper Pool functionality, the Aegis NFTs will be key in becoming a validator for the upcoming Sphynx Chain. Those that are selected to be a validator for the Sphynx Chain will have to hold an Aegis NFT, in addition to other requirements.

The Aegis Sphynx NFTs are ushering in a new era for Sphynx Labs that will put them far ahead of any competition. You can stay up to date on any updates at the link below and find the mint link below.

Aegis Sphynx Mint: https://thesphynx.co/council/56

Sphynx Labs Linktree: http://linktr.ee/sphynxlabs



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