Fiat To DeFi With No Barriers: Sphynx Labs Integrates Guardarian

Sphynx Labs has made investing in DeFi a lot easier with the integration of Guardarian. Users can swap directly from fiat to crypto without the barriers of a CEX and other third-party platforms.

What is Guardarian?

Guardarian, a subsidiary of Guarda Wallet, is an Estonian-based cryptocurrency exchange business. Guardarian, introduced in 2017, allows for simple cryptocurrency exchanges to fiat and vice versa, with clear costs and no registration.

They accept more than 50 fiat currencies and provide more than 250 crypto assets, making investing in crypto easier for people worldwide.

Is Guardarian Safe?

Because Guardarian is not a custodial exchange service, it is an extremely safe and secure platform.

As a result, there is nothing to hack because they don’t hold or give users money in wallets. Instead, they are only an exchange where you may choose the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase or sell and use your wallet to receive or transfer the cryptocurrency.

Since no user database may be compromised, they secure consumers’ privacy by not requiring them to register accounts and instead have their customer identification confirmed by one of their third-party services before making a purchase.

One of Guardarian Exchange’s biggest features is that you only need to have your identity verified once per financing source to use the exchange. Therefore, if you purchase or sell something once, you may continue using that funding method without having your identity validated again. In addition, not creating an account establishes a secure exchange where the exchange does not store your user data.

How to buy crypto with Fiat using Guardarian on the Sphynx Mobile?

The team of Sphynx Labs have created a step-by-step tutorial video showing how to buy crypto on the Sphynx Mobile App. To watch the YouTube video “How to Buy Crypto with Fiat Using Sphynx DeFi App,” click on this link.

If you have any questions or problems with trying to buy crypto with Fiat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sphynx Tech Support, as they are available 24/7, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs

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Trade, farm, stake, and earn on the innovative All-In-One Platform, Sphynx Labs