Sphynx Labs was created with the idea of having one place for all the tools a crypto trader needs for buying, selling, earning, AND spending cryptocurrencies.

As is often the case, hunting around for the trading tools one needs on multiple cryptocurrency platforms is frustrating. Not to mention, multiple connections can be unsafe.

So, we did just that.

After two years of building, we now have an all-in-one crypto platform focused on complete compatibility for over 22 EVM and non-EVM blockchains and counting. Let’s take a short dive into the parts that make up the platform.

Swap and Charts (DEX): The lifeblood of crypto is the ability to freely trade. We have taken it a step further by allowing users to trade and chart together across all supported blockchains. The best part is that it fully aggregates, ensuring you get the best price the first time. Having access to over 300 liquidity providers, you will never have to leave the Sphynx Crypto Labs platform.

Bridges: Getting into the world of decentralized finance means getting into a world of different blockchains. We make it easy to cross boundaries and move your funds freely from one blockchain to the next with all of our direct asset bridges for EVM and non-EVM chains.

Crypto Debit Cards: Spending your crypto is often challenging, and decentralized options are rarely available. We solved this problem by releasing the Sphynx Pay Debit Cards. Both virtual and physical options are available. Convert your crypto to fiat currency in minutes and spend how you want.

Sphynx DeFi App: All that cool stuff we mentioned above, in the palm of your hand. The app also has the added benefits of a portfolio at a glance, and a crypto on-ramp built-in. The Sphynx DeFi App is available on Android and Apple devices.

Hyper Pools: The Sphynx Hyper Pools are where the $SPHYNX token shines. At their core, the Hyper Pools are exclusive to Sphynx Labs, combining farming and staking into what amounts to a supercharged savings account in real life. You provide liquidity for trading pairs or single assets for our bridge liquidity, boost it with your $SPHYNX and our NFTs, and enjoy a real yield of BNB and USDT.

SPAY: SPay is Sphynx Labs' very own crypto payment gateway, which allows businesses to accept crypto whether at their physical store using our very own PoS crypto payment machine or online by adding our API to their website.

Keep up with everything going on by joining our Telegram at @sphynxlabs.

How to buy:

- Buy on thesphynx.co or Pancake Swap

Token Info

Name: Sphynx Labs

Symbol: Sphynx

CA: 0xa776f5b86cC520861F55a261515264E3bd86E72e

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